Vegancode is part of the ethical and recycling revolution!

We are making fashion sustainable and ethical

. Our products do not harm animals or the environment

. Recycled materials are re-used creatively

. Sustainable fabrics are created from used plastic bottles

. We only use Biodegradable and compostable packaging

. Our Aim, 100% of materials to be certified to standards set by accredited organisations


We are not just a vegan brand, we are a conscious fashion brand creating cruelty free investment pieces for today’s conscious consumer (say NO to throw away fashion). All products are vegan (The Vegan Society & PETA applied) but we are also passionate about nature and nurture…

‘Understand that our survival depends on this harmony’

In the UK, Britons discard one million tonnes of unwanted textiles a year. When it comes to fashion we believe you don’t need to compromise style for ethics.

As creators we strive to take ethical and environmental responsibility for our product. We believe in a more sustainable future for the consumer by working with suppliers and factories that have the appropriate certification. We work closely with our mills to ensure our materials are recycled/sustainable where possible.

We are not perfect but we are doing the best we can. Our aim is to be a fully sustainable fashion brand and we are working tirelessly to make this a reality and reduce the impact we are having on our planet. Join us on our journey.